It’s so lovely to meet you!

My name is Sarah Malone and I am an Australian Artist, Educator, Creative Coach and founder of Sama Wellness Studio in the coastal town of Dunsborough, where I teach yoga and facilitate Sound Therapy. I am a self confessed crazy cat mum with a love for great chai, travel and stroll through nature.

Truth is, I know what it’s like to be busy, meeting the demands of life, work, building my dream life and finding the time to fill my own cup each day. My journey to become an independent artist has been transformative and life changing. From early beginnings, exploring my creativity provided me with a sanctuary for self awareness, growth and releasing myself from limiting beliefs.

As a creative coach I am passionate about empowering aspiring artists to step into themselves and support their journey into building a successful art business.



Sarah Malone is an Australian artist and Visual Arts educator living in the Southwest region of Western Australia. Her work is expressionistic and notably recognisable. She works in an intuitive style using fluid processes and techniques. This approach allows her to create intricately layered abstracts that depict the the raw beauty of the Australian landscape.

A multi-disciplined artist, Sarah has a refined practice in painting and photography. She is inspired by the inexhaustible beauty of Western Australia. Sarah’s work originated from observation and intuitive drawing, mark-making, memory and rich imagery she captures photographically by drone. This results in artworks that are inquisitive and reflective, exploring delicate layers of texture and colour to create a sense of movement and space. 

“A wonderful adventure in mixed mediums that reflect colour, texture and patterns of the West Australian landscape. So lovely to have an abstract piece that has elicited a response in all the judges”
~ Dellas Bennell, Karen Morgan, Steve Tribbeck
Winner Homegrown Talent – Vasse Art Award 2021.

Sarah, also a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, describes the process of painting to be cathartic and meditiative. She uses the creative process of developing her work as a positive outlet, summarising the creation of art to bring a sense of calm, clarity and connectedness to each day. She shares this experience with her students and fellow artists who attend her workshops.